PODERE IL PINO is the perfect location for your wedding (ceremony, reception, dinner / lunch, party). We will be glad to help you organize this important event.


Regarding the location of your event, Podere il Pino offers you various possibilities in response to your wishes. If you don’t need an official ceremony you can celebrate it directly at our farmhouse. If you need to get married officially, our STAFF, as well as helping you to get all the necessary documents, is able to organize your ceremony in the following places:

SAN GIMIGNANO (charming and ancient Tuscan city, characterized by its medieval architecture, which historic centre has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

  • PALAZZO COMUNALE, an imposing monument of San Gimignano, located in the central square of the Cathedral, was built between 1289 and 1298 on the remains of a pre-existing building. Inside there is the famous Sala Dante, decorated with impressive courtly and knightly frescoes. Subsequently, in the years between the fourteenth and the fifteenth century, it was enlarged by the realization of the magnificent internal courtyard and frescoed with the coats of arms belonging to the prominent figures in that area. Palazzo comunale has the highest tower of the city (torre grossa), from which you can enjoy a breathtaking view and from the top, on clear days, you can see the Apuan Alps and Mount Amiata.

To get married, couples have access to the internal courtyard, at a cost of 1300,00 Euros or to the Sala Dante at a cost of 1100,00 Euros.

CERTALDO ALTO (beautiful historic village located on the hills that separate the Elsa Valley from the Pesa Valley, rich in history and traditions, among its citizens the illustrious writer Giovanni Boccaccio, who lived there and died in 1375):

  • PALAZZO PRETORIO located in Via Rivellino, the most ancient of Certaldo from which it is possible to enjoy a splendid panoramic view. Palazzo Pretorio is identified as the most important and representative monument of the city, as it was the ancient home of the Nobles Alberti, built around the end of the XXII century on the ruins of the old houses of this family. In the Palace there are frescoes and sinopias from the 15th and 16th centuries. Moreover, on the façade inside the palace there are many coats of arms, each representing the image of the family of each vicar who has reigned and lived here.

  • PALAZZO GIANNOZZI, is a manor house of extraordinary beauty, stands in Via Giovanni Boccaccio and is characterized by fourteenth-century and Renaissance structures. Today this building is used as a venue for important artistic and cultural events.

To get married couples have access to the garden of PALAZZO PRETORIO at a cost of 450,00 Euros plus VAT or to the terrace of PALAZZO GIANNOZZI at a cost of 450,00 Euros plus VAT, the latter offers the possibility of organizing a buffet / aperitif at the total cost of 1280,00 Euros.

BARBERINO VAL D’ELSA (located along the ancient Via Cassia that connects Rome to Florence, the city of Barberino Val d'Elsa is a beautiful medieval village situated in the green hills between Florence and Siena):

  • TOWN HALL OF BARBERINO VAL D'ELSA, large building, located on the Via Cassia, important site where resides the Mayor, The Municipal Council and the City Council.

  • SEMIFONTE OR SAN MICHELE ARCANGELO, a small octagonal chapel, crowned with a dome that reproduces (in the ratio of 1: 8) exactly the Florentine Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, that was built between 1594 and 1597 on a project by Santi di Tito. According to some legends, this building was built exactly in the central point of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany and it is also said that if two lovers, holding their hands, take a walk around this little place of worship, they will stay together for eternity.

  • CHURCH OF SAN BARTOLOMEO, is the cardinal church of Barberino Val d'Elsa and is located in the municipal capital, in the Province of Florence, the diocese of the same city. Remodeled in the twentieth century in neo-Gothic style by the architect Giuseppe Castellucci and preserves, in addition to a fragmentary fresco of the fourteenth century depicting the Annunciation, the table with Madonna and Child of the so-called Master of Barberino (XIV century).
    *Thanks to the excellent relations that Podere il Pino owns with the priest it will be possible to organize the ceremony in English.

To get married the Couples have access:  to the frescoed hall of the City of Barberino Val d'Elsa, at a cost of 250,00 Euros from Monday to Friday or at a cost of 350,00 Euros in the weekend; to the chapel of San Michele Arcangelo, at a cost of 400,00 Euros from Monday to Friday or at a cost of 500,00 Euros in the weekend; to the church of San Bartolomeo, with a free gift for the priest.


PODERE IL PINO , through the collaboration with many professionals, can offer you numerous services in organizing the reception of your wedding:

You have the opportunity to make use of our catering service (Class Ricevimenti), to host the catering of your choice or we can find the right one for you. Our staff aims to combine elegance and modernity through impeccable Tuscan cuisine, the result of the highest gastronomic tradition, rich in flavors, smells and colors typical of Tuscany. the personalization of the menu and of every single detail will make your reception unique. In fact it is essential to carefully follow the tastes of future spouses and know how to direct them in the choice and implementation of solutions that can reflect their needs and their style. The seriousness and the impeccable service are guaranteed.

The wedding cake has to amaze and enchant the guests with its beauty and tastiness. For this reason Podere il Pino has an agreement with the best professional pastry chefs in the area who will give you endless possibilities to convince and satisfy even the most difficult choices. 

Usually drinks and alcohol are essential to accompany the entertainment of your guests and represent one of those factors that can make the difference in your reception. Our farmhouse can organize for you an OPEN BAR, a modern and dynamic formula to offer free and unlimited drinks to its guests. In this case your guests, while waiting for the newlyweds usually engaged elsewhere for the realization of the photo shoot, can freely access the bar accompanying the aperitifs the consumption of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Or you can set up a LIMITED BAR where the spouses can make a selection of drinks to be offered free to guests. Another option is represented by the CASH BAR, a formula similar to the two above, with the difference that your guests will pay for their drinks. We can also contact you for very good bartenders who have the right experience and above all know how to be precise and at the same time fast and efficient. It is also possible, thanks to our cooperation with a company with drinks and spirits, to deliver large quantities of these in our buildings and to rent the dispenser for draft beer.

As far as the animation of your party is concerned, music plays a decisive role because it has always been a powerful communication with the ability to recall to the mind pleasant memories of life and to create a magical atmosphere. We give you the opportunity to have all kinds of music at your wedding, through collaboration with singers, musicians and DJs. So you are free to choose the one that suits you best, with a range of choices ranging from rock to classical music. Podere il Pino also collaborates with animators (also for children) and babysitters.

As for the decorations, details not to be overlooked, our trusted florists will personally take care of the floral arrangements, the bridal bouquet and various ornaments.

For us it is of fundamental importance to take care of the beauty of the bride by working with the best hairdressers and makeup artists who will contribute to make it the maximum splendor on this important day. We are proud to collaborate with professionals of the highest level who have been part of the make-up and hairdressing staff at the Venice Film Festival

You can count on our staff for the organization of transfers in: taxi, bus, mini bus, luxury car with driver, vintage cars, vespas, bicycles and so on and so forth. Further, you are free to rent furniture such as: sofas, gazebos, lounges etc.

Discretion, seriousness and competence, together with availability and cordiality are the main qualities of our team of photographers and videographers. Every gesture, tear, caress is essential to tell a unique and unrepeatable event. Photographers affiliated with Podere il Pino are able to respect the available times and spaces, while managing in capturing every important moment of the ceremony.

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