Casa rural con ubicación panorámica en la campiña toscana

Podere Il Pino

Casa rural en San Gimignano
Apartamentos en la provincia de Siena, Toscana

Alrededores Agroturismo Podere il Pino: Volterra

Famous tuscan town in province of Pisa, known for alabaster mining and for the historical part of the town, whose origin date back to the etruscan age. There are many places worthy of being seen: the cathedral in its romantic style, the "San Giovanni" baptistery, the walls that surround the town (the "Cinta Muraria"), the Medici's fortress and the Roman Theatre. Some particular events in the town: VolterraTeatro, which takes place in July. It was once a theatre festival only; now, it includes music,dance,poetry, art and culture as well. During the first two weeks of Agoust, a very appreciate event takes place: the Volterra Jazz, for all the lovers of music.